mercredi 30 septembre 2009

D-2: Smells like win siprit

Two days before flighing to Las Vegas!
The bankroll is just below €1500, but we should go beyond this milestone, as two investors have recently showed up.
The bankroll will be closed friday afternoon and we will know how much I will have to invest.
I have purchased my first dollars and I am ready to rule the world!

Isn't it nice? It is like starting an animal farm. These first baby notes will have a lot of children, which will have a lot of children... and by the end of the month, we will be overwhelmed by a huge family of $100 notes... hopefully... In the worst case scenario, all my baby notes be killed by a fucking pandemic (known as badplay, drunkgambling or lackofluck).
Saturday will be my first active day and I will head to the poker room. So from this day on, I will try to keep you updated with my results and the value of the Sebshare, which is currently worth €10,00 (top right of the page).

Song of the day:
Europe: The final countdown
Don't expect to find anything but cheesy charts!



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